Understanding Disability Insurance with Pete Heckman and Chris Weber (Ep. 3)

Understanding Disability Insurance with Pete Heckman and Chris Weber (Ep. 3)

Does your disability insurance plan cover your needs? How would it provide for you if something happens?

In this episode, Daniel Paikin and Robert Schlesinger speak with Pete Heckman and Chris Weber of Tempus MD. Together they explore the nuances between short-term and long-term disability, debunk common misconceptions, and grasp the significance of individual coverage. They delve into the limitations of employer-provided group insurance and stress the need for individual policies for better coverage and flexibility. 

Daniel, Robert, Pete and Chris discuss: 

  • What is disability insurance
  • Why is it important to protect against long-term disabilities
  • What are the differences between group insurance and individual insurance for disability coverage
  •  how can group coverage be supplemented with individual policies
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

Pete Heckman has been a financial advisor since 2006. He began his career at Independence Planning Group outside Philadelphia. While there, he built his practice advising medical and dental professionals. In 2013, he moved his practice to New York to be closer to home and his family.

Today, Pete works with clients across the country helping them make informed decisions around growing and protecting their wealth. Pete works extensively with physicians, routinely lecturing to medical groups and providing financial literacy content to residency and fellowship programs. 

Chris Weber joined Strategies for Wealth in 2009 to leverage his prior investment planning experience at Merrill Lynch and offer his clients a comprehensive plan that provides security and confidence.

In 2022, he joined Tempus, an affiliate of Strategies for Wealth, to further enhance holistic planning and client servicing. Chris specializes in advising medical professionals and enjoys his work helping physicians and dentists make intelligent and informed financial decisions throughout their careers: from residency through retirement.

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